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This place has been pretty abandoned for a while now… For those of you who are still interested, I’m writing for another music website now, so check out phase02!!




I Love Techno 2009, first names!

ilt 09

Still a couple of months to go before I Love Techno 2009 starts. However the first name has already “leaked”. It seems that Deadmau5 (pronounced “dead mouse”) is already confirmed! On his own website you can read that he will be there on october 24th. Can’t imagine the ILT-crew is happy that he already unveiled this…  but who cares actually.. I’m glad he will be there. Awesome progressive, housy electro, perfect for the blue room if you ask me.

Check out one of his latetst bombs called word problems!

Mp3: Deadmau5 – Word problems (use yr mau5)

EDIT: and there are number 2 and 3, according to their myspaces, Zombie Nation and The Count & Sinden !!!

Flip da man!

Busy time around here, expect some more updates soon! In the meantime I really had to share this awesome new project by Flip Kowlier. After Indie and Hiphop, the guy also proves he can make some decent electro! The project goes by the name of Grapes and the song is called Get get get. Do check this out!!

Cold Blank!


Cold Blank are simply awesome!! Check out their left to right Ableton teaser! An original way of promoting!

We have three new tracks that will be released on a few different labels in the next few weeks. Two of the tracks can be heard on our myspace page, “Ghetto Ass Bitches” and “Your Love Is Electric.” For our other new track “Left To Right” we have posted a studio teaser video on youtube.

As a bonus, here’remix of Surkin’s Radio Fireworks

Mp3: Surkin – Radio Fireworks (Cold Blank’s 808 Remix) (use yr mouse)

Kitch ‘n Sync


UK based Kitch ‘n Sync has sent us a lot of new stuff recently! Their wobbly sound really gets you moving! First we present a cool bootleg followed by previews of two upcoming EP’s! Check it out!

Mp3: Danny J Lewis – Spend The Night (Kitch ‘n Sync Remix) (z)

Kitch n Sync Sweet Sensation – Down South Music – Release Date 20th June 2009 Available from beatport

Kitch ‘n Sync – Sweet Sensation (Original mix) – sample
Kitch ‘n Sync – Sweet Sensation (Robert Boogert remix)
Kitch ‘n Sync – Sweet Sensation (Brabe remix)
Kitch ‘n Sync – Sweet Sensation (Guy Herman remix)
Kitch ‘n Sync – Sweet Sensation (J_Hazzrd’s red-tip re-rub)
Kitch ‘n Sync – Sweet Sensation (Brandon Wheller remix)

Sampler  V1 EP – Junky Trunk – Beatport Exclusive 4th June 2009 – Full Release 18th June 2009
Check out 6 samples of these songs right here! Awesome stuff!

1.Sexual Chocolate “Back 2 House”-Junky Trunk
2.Kitch’n’Sync “Rock out”-Junky Trunk
3.Royal K “Stretcher”-Junky Trunk
4.Kraymer “Come with me”-Junky Trunk
5.Kraymer “The Bass Drum”-Junky Trunk
6. Martini feat.Dean “Minimal Mosquito”-Junky Trunk



We received a very mysterious e-mail from a guy who calls himself  Brutus… Like always we listen to everything we receive. So I downloaded the tune, seated myself and started listening. While the tune was playing I suddenly heard some strange distorted Beachboys sounds but I thought nah, no way in hell they’ll use Beachboys stuff in a present-day tune. Boy was I wrong… You probably know I get around by the Beachboys… now Brutus used some of it in this superb sounding dancy track! I immediately checked the e-mail again and then I saw it.. the track was made by someone who already has significant experience in the field… Try checking the Myspace of this guy.. mysterious huh? Could this be a second green doctor case?

Mp3: Brutus – Get around (mediafire)

Nina Martine – Kick it (Stereoheroes remix)


Maybe some of you remember a post we did back in 2007 (yeh we’re old!) about Nina Martine. She together with Zingone produced Kick it, a cool song with a fun clip too.. Now, 2 years later, Stereoheroes remixed the song into something more 2009 like… you still get the typical sounds from the original version, only differently packed..  The remix has been around for a while but I decided to post it anyway… First check the original vid (it says 2009 version but it’s just the original 2007 version)!

Mp3: Nina Martine – kick it (stereoheroes remix) (mediafire)